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Important Info - Please read to the end...

We look forward to seeing you at Halo for your appointment soon! If you can't make your appointment for any reason then please do contact us asap, so that we can cancel or re-arrange. The sooner you contact us the better, as we always have other clients waiting to book in. Please message via Facebook, text 07713767759 or call 01782 620313.  If you have received multiple texts with different times then this is because our system has you booked in with a split appointment or multiple appointments for various treatments, and unfortunately it cannot group them together into one text. Therefore, you will need to come to your appointment at the earliest time that has been sent to you. Please make sure you're on time for your appointment so that we don't run late for our next client.

NB: If any unforeseen circumstances arise we may need to alter your appointment to another therapist without notice. If there are repeated No Show appointments with no communication, then we reserve the right to cancel any outstanding appointments, plus we may ban making any further appointments or request deposits for further appointments.

Client Consultations

Please be aware that we will need to fill out a client consultation form with you at every appointment for every treatment. We will need to take your personal details and also may need to ask medical questions for certain treatments. These forms are strictly needed for insurance purposes and fall within GDPR compliance. Please see our privacy policy at the foot of our website.

Age Restrictions

Most of our hair, nail and beauty treatments are strictly for over 16's only, due to insurance purposes. Some beauty treatments are over 18's only, please see below. Anyone under the age of 16 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times, and we will need a parent/guardian consent form to be filled out at every treatment.

You may need a patch test...

Some treatments will require a patch sensitivity test 24-48 hours prior. If you are booked in for one of the below treatments for the first time with us then please call in asap so that we can apply your patch test. If you do not have a patch test with us for the following treatments we will not be able to go ahead with your appointment : -

Hair Colour - At least 48 hours prior. (This includes foils/balayage/hair lightening just in case we need to apply a toner)

Lash Extensions - At least 48 hours prior (Patch test needs to be booked as takes upto 15 minutes)

Lash Tint - At least 24 hours prior

Lash Lift & Tint - At least 24 hours prior

Brow Tint - At least 24 hours prior

HD Brows - At least 48 hours prior on every appointment (Patch test - £1 which is refunded upon appointment)

Microblading - At least 48 hours prior (will need to book an appointment for the test)

Important Info Before Your Treatment...

Some important things you need to know about your treatment before your appointment :-

Important Info For After Your Treatment...

Please find aftercare advise for your treatment in the list below. You will need to follow all of this advise to get the full effects of your treatment or to help your treatment last as long and as well as possible :-

We'd Love To Know What You Think...

After your appointment we would really appreciate if you would take the time to give us some feedback. We really hope you enjoyed your visit and your treatment, we do our utmost to carry out all of our treatments and customer service to a high standard. To ensure everything is running the best that it should, we also rely on feedback from our customers. Therefore, if you have anything you would like to say we always appreciate being told rather than not being told. The following gives you chance to rate your visit, give any feedback or suggestions and leave us reviews.

NB: The feedback form is anonymous and the information in these forms is used for internal quality control only. Therefore, if you want to speak to us about any problems then it is best to contact us directly so we can sort them with you as soon as possible.

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